Do You Remember Amy Connolly From XFactor

19 year old Amy Connolly from Watford reduced judge Cheryl Cole to tears at her X-factor audition in London with a heart warming rendition of the Faith Hill song "There you'll be".

Cheryl comforted Amy with a hug following her successful audition after hearing how Amy had lost her mum at a young age. After hearing that her widowed dad David is now Amy's biggest fan, Cheryl said she loved the song and told Amy that she did her dad proud.

Amy was only 7 years old when her mother Rosemarie sadly died of breast cancer aged only 45. Amy, a customer services rep, has said she desperately wants to win the 2008 X-factor in memory of her mum and also as a tribute to her 61 year old father David.

A Deserved Surprise - Amy Connolly

There You'll Be by Faith Hill

Was originally released in 2001 as part of the Pearl Harbor soundtrack, this was a massive hit for Faith Hill, peaking at three in the charts.

But after it was chosen by X Factor hopeful Amy Connolly for her audition in 2008, the original recording stormed back into the charts, giving the artist, who had seemingly vanished from the music scene, a deserved surprise hit.

Amy Connelly - Video

Amy arrived at the audition with her Dad and tells the judges about her relationship with her Dad. Amy sings quite an emotional Faith Hill song. It brings a tear to Cheryl's and Amy's eyes and she gets a big hug from Cheryl Cole. About the song, Cheryl Cole said, "I loved it". Simon Cowell said, "You surprise me Amy, I didn't think you were going to be as good as that".

Same Difference Says...

Same Difference say: "Amy Connolly deserves every success and she really nailed her second performance. Hurt is a tough song to sing and she really did it justice!"

Dermot O'Leary is Shamefaced

SHAMEFACED Dermot O'Leary yesterday tried to squirm out of his X Factor sob-story scandal, claiming it was a "harmless gag".

He also claimed he had the "utmost respect" for Scots hopeful Amy Connolly.

But Amy was having none of it and insisted that unless he said "sorry", it wasn't an apology.
Dermot made hurtful remarks during filming of new ITV2 quiz show Celebrity Juice last week and shocked fans of The X Factor on which he usually consoles upset contestants.

On Celebrity Juice, he ranted: "I don't care what your dream is. I don't care what you want to sing. And I don't care about your dead relative."

While this was not directed at Amy, he had earlier given her a hug after she had revealed that she was only six when her mum Rosemarie died.

The 19-year-old's older half-brother David died in a car crash a few months after her mum died of breast cancer.

Amy, who now lives in Watford, Hertfordshire, branded the host a "two-faced fake" for his comments.

In yesterday's Daily Record, she admitted that she was shocked at Dermot's nasty comments and called the presenter a "heartless b******" and "cruel".
Amy and fellow contestant Daniel Evans, whose wife died after giving birth to his daughter, have both spoken of their loss but insist they weren't trying to get the sympathy vote.
With X Factor judge Simon Cowell reported to be "fuming" at the remarks, Dermot tried to backtrack yesterday.

He said: "Most of us have suffered from bereavement and it is something I'd never make light of.

"The banter with the panel of Celebrity Juice was about me having a night off and I would be mortified if a harmless gag was taken out of context. I have the upmost respect for Amy and Daniel and anyone that handles personal tragedy with such grace."
But Amy said: "I wouldn't accept that as an apology. I would want him to say the word 'sorry'.
"Dermot comes across as so, so nice but do not get close to someone, do not care and then say something like that on a television programme.

"How can this man who has supported me from day one say something like that?
"If you feel that strongly about it, do not get involved.
"What he said is not harmless. I can understand it was a gag, but it's heartless."
Amy is in the final 24 of the competition and will be seen this weekend in Cannes fighting for a place in the live shows under Cheryl Cole's mentorship.

With the girls category having some of the best singers on the show, Amy getting chosen as one of Cheryl's final six will be all about her voice rather than the loss of her mum.
She added: "What has happened in my past is a part of me and I can't change that."

An ITV spokeswoman said Simon was in Los Angeles and is unlikely to have seen the piece but added: "Celebrity Juice is a late-night adult show that doesn't take itself too seriously and it's in this spirit that Dermot was making fun of himself.
"It absolutely wasn't aimed at anyone."

Amy Connolly Goes To Cannes

Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole is all that stands between Watford teenager Amy Connolly and a place in The X Factor finals. Millions saw how Amy, 19, survived two legs of Boot Camp, shown on ITV on Saturday and Sunday, and was picked as one of the last six in the category 'Girls 25 and under'. Next Saturday, viewers will see her fly to Cannes, in the south of France, where she must impress her 'mentor' Cole, in the hope of making the final three and winning a place in the live shows.

Amy Connolly last night branded Dermot O'Leary a "two-faced fake"

X FACTOR hopeful Amy Connolly last night branded show host Dermot O'Leary a "two-faced fake".

The teenager was furious he mocked "sob stories" - after consoling her when the memory of her late Scots mum reduced her to tears during the auditions.

O'Leary, who presented The X Factor for the first time last year, made his attack on ITV2 quiz show Celebrity Juice.

He declared: "It's past 9 o'clock, I can say what I f***ing want. So, I don't care what your dream is. I don't care what you want to sing. And I don't care about your dead relative."
Now 18-year-old Amy, whose Fife-born mum Rosemarie died of cancer when she was just seven, has hit back.

Another of this year's contestants, Danny Evans, has also suffered a bereavement, losing his wife after the birth of his daughter.

Amy, who is among the six girls in the 14-24 age group being mentored by judge Cheryl Cole in the "judges' houses" section of the TV talent show, said: "My blood was boiling."

She said O'Leary, 35, who made his name on Big Brother's Little Brother, comforted her throughout the week-long bootcamp stage, talking to her every day and being supportive of her.
She added: "He came across as so down to earth and nice.

"My blood was boiling when I heard his comments and I thought, 'If I see him again I'll have to have a word with him.' Dermot, it's fair enough if you do not like sob stories but don't come across like you cared.

"He said what he really thought on a programme that was going to be broadcast past 9pm but it is so so cruel and so horrible to say it. I couldn't believe it and thought, 'You heartless b******.'
"The whole way through he was so supportive, even through that bootcamp week, by talking to me every day. I just thought, 'You are a fake, so fake.'"

Amy, whose half-brother David was also killed in a car crash just months after she lost her mum, insisted it had never been her intention to gain sympathy votes by telling her family's tragic story.

During the auditions, Amy reduced Girls Aloud star Cheryl to tears with her story and emotional performance of Faith Hill's There You'll Be.

Amy, who now lives in Watford, Hertfordshire, says she is thrilled to be one of the final 24 contestants on this year's show.

And she was delighted when she found out Cheryl was mentoring her group for the next stage.
Cheryl and her Girls Aloud bandmate Kimberley Walsh, who is assisting her with the girls, are staying in a villa in Cannes, while the contestants are in a nearby hotel.

She said: "It's so great that I've got her, as I was hoping I'd get her. Obviously, from the first audition, she was my sort of person and she started crying when she heard about my mum.
"It was incredible, the places we went to in Cannes, absolutely amazing.

"We got taken to the strip with all its designer shops before we knew Cheryl was our judge.
"We all thought then it was definitely Cheryl because she is the most glamorous one who does all the shopping."

Amy added said: "Cheryl came out on the balcony of the villa and we all started screaming.
"It was such an overwhelming experience and I will treasure it for the rest of my life.
"It was incredible to be sitting with Cheryl and Kimberley over a cup of tea outside the villa."
Amy said some of the contestants were less than happy to be put up in a hotel while Cheryl stayed in the villa.

She admitted: "I was disappointed we weren't staying in the villa but they've got privacy and we've got to respect that.

"It's not the end of the world but it would have been nice. "

Amy will be doing everything she can to try to make it two in a row for Scotland after the win for Leon Jackson, from Whitburn, West Lothian, last year.

She said: "I've got Scottish blood flowing through my veins and the only thing not Scottish aboutme is my accent.

"It's such a dream come true to be through to this stage and if I can do it again, like Leon did last year, it would be amazing.

"All the other Scots contestants were so nice and have said they'll support me."